Good Friends.

Who do you call a good friend?

I have been wrestling with my feelings about Inge and Hayden’s deaths over the past week.

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Does this make me a Comp Climber?

For me, like most Canadian climbers, winter means lots of hangboard, rings, and gym climbing. This winter I decided to add in some competition climbing as well, just to have something to be accountable to and work toward. I decided on the lofty goal of making finals at Ontario’s last regular TdB stop, Grand River Rocks on Feb 25th.

I began a hangboard program, adding in a mixed bag of other exercises to work my weaknesses, but in the end I decided to go with the newest Alex Puccio training plan: gastroenteritis. Yes, I became violently ill with the stomach virus 2 weeks before the comp.

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Congratulations, you’ve found my blog!

This blog is basically going to be spray. Climbing spray, dog spray, beta spray, trip spray, work spray, self spray, friend spray… So much spray that when I’m done you’ll be wetter than George W. Bush on inauguration day.

There will be some sarcasm as well. But probably not much.

And if you’re lucky, there may be a few dog pictures. Actually there’ll probably be a good amount of dog pictures. Ok, it’ll be mostly dog pictures.