Is Your Dog a Crag-Dog?

Let me tell you: I love dogs. I love big dogs, small dogs, every dog in between. I love smart dogs, dumb dogs, and average-joe dogs. Black dogs, white dogs, yellow dogs, brown dogs… But just because I love your dog doesn’t mean I’d love your dog to be at the crag with me. So how do you know if your dog will be accepted at the crag?

My rule is simple: anthropomorphize! Your dog must not do anything that would inappropriate for a human to do. Let me give you some examples:

Would it be cool if the chick who just sent her proj helped herself to your sandwich? No. If your dog steals food, keep it on a leash or leave it at home.

Would it be cool if a dude walked up and started yelling his brains out at you for no reason? No. If your dog is constantly barking and whining while I’m trying to send, I’m gonna be pissed.

Would it be cool if a random guy started jumping around like a maniac, getting in everyone’s way, kicking dirt and sand into the air? No. The crag is not a dog park. Dogs may play well away from the wall or not at all.

Would it be cool if your buddy took a dump on your rope? No. Gross. If your dog uses my rope as a toilet, you owe me a new rope.

Now that you have this simple tool, you will be able to determine whether or not your dog belongs at the crag!

Above: Appropriate crag-dog behaviour



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